Cash Practice Updates and Events

We have a lot of really exciting things coming up this new year and would like to keep you all updated. There are some new features and products we will be releasing, lots of speaking engagements for Dr. Miles Bodzin, and plenty of educational opportunities not only for our members but our Cash Practice® Team as well. So please take some time and see all the great things we have planned!
Updates to the Auto-Debit System®

The Auto-Debit System® is getting even better

New updates include better reports with more functionality, optimized searches, stats at your fingertips and shortcuts for easier use.

Making sure all of your money is accounted for will be easier than ever!

For a full list of the updates and How To Information, please visit our Help Center Here.

Join Dr. Miles Bodzin for a Webinar where he will personally review the latest enhancements!

Join us on Wed, Jan 29 @ 1:00pm PST (4pm EST)

Register HERE.

Announcing Cash Practice® Mobile

We are nearing the end of our beta testing of the Cash Practice® Mobile Application

THIS IS A GAME CHANGER and one of the things we are the most excited about.

Read the Press Release Here.

For information on how it works, visit the CP Mobile™ section of our Help Center.

Cash Practice® Presents Dr. Paul Reed!

Cash Practice® Presents – Dr. Paul Reed

Every month we like to interview leaders who are making a difference in the profession. These leaders are recognized for their commitment and dedication to Chiropractic.

In the latest installment in this series, Dr. Miles Bodzin interviews Dr. Paul Reed. Listen to the interview to learn more about Dr. Reed’s keys to success and the future of chiropractic.

Bring your team to Cal Jam!  We want to meet you in person!

The ENTIRE Cash Practice® Team will be in attendence at Cal Jam, Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2014. ( That’s right! This event is so good that we are bringing EVERYONE!  Look for us in our CP Team jackets!
We’re also very proud of the fact that a number of the rockstar speakers are also Cash Practice® Members!
We’re especially excited that the co-founder of The Wellness Score®, Dr. Dane Donohue will be speaking, along with rockstar members like Dr. Chris Zaino, Dr. Brad Glowacki, Dr. Tony Ebel, Dr. Lyle Koca, Dr. Cathy Wendland Coldy and more….
Have a testimonial? Let us know how we are doing!

We are always excited to hear how Cash Practice Systems is helping our members.   We would love to get your testimonial.  It only takes a few minutes and can mean the difference between a fellow doc joining or not.

So please take a moment and let us know how we’ve helped you.  Fill out this form. It’s two simple questions (hint- one of them is just your name!) and will help our team to better serve you.

Cash Practice® Systems will be conducting case studies!

In an effort to help all of our members succeed even more, we want to know what has helped our members the most in practice!

If your practice has experienced significant growth, you have increased your sign up rate during the Report of Findings, your retention has increased, you no longer depend on insurance, or anything along these lines, we want to hear from you!

Please fill out this short, 5 Question survey.

Dr. Miles Bodzin’s 2014 Speaking Schedule

Dr. Bodzin’s full speaking schedule for 2014 can be found HERE. We are constantly updating and adding more to it!

Want Dr. Bodzin to come speak to your group?

Dr. Bodzin is a sought after speaker on the topic of Cash-Based Practice, Freedom from Insurance, Care Plans and Patient Retention

If you would like to book Dr. Bodzin as a speaker for your group or association, please contact us at 877-343-8950 or email us as

“SuccessOnomics” Soon to be Released

Dr. Bodzin was invited to co-author a book with Steve Forbes.  We are excited to announce it will be getting published very soon!

Dr. Bodzin wrote about “The Secret to Skyrocketing your Client Retention”.  Its exciting that the principles he teaches to chiropractors will now be available to all business people to learn from.

Sneak Peak of Dr. Bodzin on The Brian Tracy Show.

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Cash Practice® Releases New eSign Feature


Cash Practice® Inc. announces the release of a new feature to their Auto-Debit System® that captures signatures virtually and then stores them on file.

San Diego, CA (11/27/13)- The nation’s leading company in wellness reports, compliant care plans, automated patient payment systems and email marketing released a new feature Tuesday evening that gives their members the ability to obtain an electronic signature from their clients.  Cash Practice® Inc.’s new “eSign” feature not only allows users to sign the receipt electronically, it will also store the signature with the payment receipt or authorization for future reference. This negates the need for printing out receipts and storing the signed copy.

These signatures can be received a number of ways. Once the eSign option is selected, they will have the ability to use a signature pad, their computer mouse, or a touch screen monitor for their clients to sign with. Virtually any mouse input signature pad will work.


“This has been one of our most requested features and we are so happy to be able to deliver it to our clients. We strive to consistently go above and beyond for our members and we believe they will be very impressed with this new capability” said a Cash Practice® representative on Wednesday.  Step by step instructions on how to use this feature can be found here. Cash Practice® Inc. CEO and founder, Dr. Miles Bodzin also released a video (click HERE to watch it) demonstrating how to use this new feature.

For more information on Cash Practice Systems, please visit or call 877-343-8950.

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Tip for Cash Members – How to Fully Utilize Client Groups

Included in every membership is the ability to organize your clients into specific groups. My favorite thing about this is the marketing and educational potential it creates when using The Drip-Education® System.

Here are a few examples of ways to fully utilize this feature:

  • You do a screening event and have a sheet where people can leave their email addresses. When you get back into the office, create a Group (ex. “San Diego Street Fair Screening”) and enter your new contacts into that group. You can now send that group emails thanking them for stopping by your booth and offering them a special to come into your office or send them additional educational material.
  • If you do a health workshop you can have all the attendees leave their email address and send them your slides along with special offers.
  • If you do special groups challenges (ex. weight loss challenge or cleanse) you can assign them to this group and send them frequent motivational content, special instructions for specific days, and updates on what their progress should be.
  • For those of you that are members of Fan Page Generator, everyone who enters their contact information via your Facebook Page will be assigned to a Client Group in Cash Practice called “Fan Page Leads” and assigned a series of emails that will do your education and follow up for you!
Below are instructions on how to create client groups:
  1. Select “Client Groups” from the “Clients” drop-down menu
Cash Practice Creating Client Group
2. Type in the name of your group and click the save icon
Clients can then be assigned to either by searching your client list and selecting the “Assign Groups” tab, selecting the group when adding a new client, or accessing the “Assign Groups” tab when viewing an existing client account.
What other ways do you use Client Groups?
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Tips When Looking at Merchant Rates

Banks may say they can save you $$$. However, this is usually a result of the competing bank comparing their apples to  oranges, so to speak. In order to be fair we need to compare apples to apples. For example, most banks quoting you a savings compared to using Cash Practice are usually comparing their Retail rates (apples) to our MOTO rates (oranges), when really they should be comparing Retail to Retail and MOTO to MOTO. Below is an example of someone comparing rates to Cash Practice members’ rates.

In order to provide competitive rates, Cash Practice members are setup with two different merchant accounts.
1. Retail Merchant Account: This account is used to ‘swipe’ credit cards, using the USB card swiper for one time transactions. (In Cash Practice the tool is called the Simple Swiper.)
2. MOTO Merchant Account: This account is used in order to get the lowest rates on credit cards that are not swiped. This is referred to as ‘credit-keyed’ transactions and is typically done for recurring auto-debits or one time transactions when the card is not present. (In Cash Practice the tools used for this are the Virtual Terminal & Auto-Debit Scheduler.)

There are two main reasons we setup both Retail & Moto merchant accounts for our members:
1. It’s illegal to store credit card numbers in a readable format and key enter them number into a retail terminal. (Refer to PCI DSS Compliance Regulations)
2. Even if it were legal to store credit card numbers and key enter them into a retail terminal, it would be very expensive. All banks charge an additional fee to ‘key-enter’ a credit card VS swiping a card due to the risk factors involved.

By setting up both Retail & MOTO merchant accounts, you are able to process payments in a compliant fashion and save the most on processing fees by running the payment through the proper account.

Fees Paid to the Bank for Swiping Credit Cards:
$9.95 Monthly Access Fee
$0 Statement Fee
1.50% for Debit Cards
1.70% Qualified* Visa/MC/Discover Credit/Debit Cards
0.11% assessments
$0.19 transaction fee

For Credit Cards NOT swiped:
$0 Statement Fee
2.30% Qualified* Visa/MC/Discover Credit/Debit Cards
0.11% assessments
$0.31 transaction fee
*Mid-Qualified Rate +1.29%
*Non-Qualified Rate +1.59%

(American Express sets their own fees)

For bank accounts (Bank EFT) it’s 1.79% plus a $0.50 transaction fee

$0 Gateway Fee
$0 Address Verification Fee

If you compare these rates to key-entered transactions on a credit card machine you are typically paying 1.0% to 2.0% lower with the Auto-Debit System® Tools. The minimums are $25 monthly for card-not-present transactions and a minimum $15 monthly for EFT transactions. These are NOT additional monthly fees. If you process approximately $1,200 per month in qualified credit cards transactions, you will meet the $25 minimum for the credit card account and approximately $850 per month in EFT’s will meet the $15 per month EFT minimum. If you process less, you will be charged the balance to meet the minimums.
When compared to other internet merchant accounts, these are the lowest fees you will find without any monthly statement fees or contract term.

Additional Benefits You Won’t Find With a “Bank”:
We have a direct relationship with the bank that provides our members’ merchant accounts and we have an entire department at Cash Practice devoted to “Merchant Services”
This means that our members do not have to call an automated system or third world country if they require assistance with a banking issue. Our members would simply call us and we would act on their behalf, allowing them to “adjust & serve,” instead of the frustrations one would normally have when calling a bank. This is just one of many things that we take pride in, as part of the exceptional service and integrity we provide to our members.

Included With Your Membership:

  • Live Training Webinars
  • Live Teleclasses with Practice Management Advice
  • Full Access to the Recorded Webinars & Teleclass Library
  • Full Access to Bonus Material section that includes:
    New Patient Scripting: Learn how to master the Cash Practice® Consultation, Exam, ROF & Financial Report
    Auto-Debit Objection Scripting: How to talk to patients who do not want to leave billing on file.
    Super CA Daily Operations Checklist: Help your front desk CA to perform flawlessly.
    Auto-Debit Announcement Letter: How to excite your patients about the benefits of an auto-debit policy.
    E-Z Payment Authorization Form: Keep patient signatures on file for their billing. No more receipt printing!
    Mini-Course Articles: Information to help you have more success with running your cash-based practice!
    Staff Bonus System & Payroll Report Generator
    Important Chiropractic Research Information
  • Exceptional Customer Service from “well-adjusted” staff.
  • Web Based, Which Means NO Software to Install!
  • Access from ANY Computer With Internet Access (Perfect for Screening Events!)
  • Create Separate Login for All Staff (Including Permission Settings)
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • No long term contracts…membership is month to month!
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Excellence in Service Awards interview with Dr. Allen Miner

We have posted an interview with one of our top ten doctors, Dr. Allen Miner. Hear all about his practice and the tips and tricks he uses to be one of Cash Practice’s top doctors!


The recording can be listened to here. To save the recording to your computer, right click the link and click Save As or Save Target As.


Once again congratulations to all of the winners! It’s great to see all these fired up Chiropractors!


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Visits to the Chiropractic Office

These last few weeks, members of the Cash Practice® Team have been spending some time with me in the Chiropractic office. Most of the staff have experience working in the office. Though all of us are very educated in Chiropractic and it’s philosophy they actually go to SEE the how and why of what we do instead of just hearing about it. We acted as if they were new hires and I was training them to be CA’s.

Points I made sure to cover:

  • We NEVER say the word “Minute”. It’s always “Just one MOMENT”
  • When on the phone ALWAYS verifying the and repeating back the exact date and time for appointments
  • Collect any money matters FIRST, schedule appointments second
  • When appointments are cancelled we always say, “When would you like to reschedule that?” NEVER “Would you like to reschedule?”
  • Recommending patients to come in even if they are not feeling well
  • They got to see a patient come in for their new patient appointment and also a patient sign up on a plan
  • How we celebrate milestone visits (someone received their 700th adjustment while they were there)
  • Every single form in the Chiropractic Forms (available for purchase under the Cash Practice Products Section)
  • How we set up our birthday cards
  • Greeting each patient BY NAME
  • Asking the patients’ about upcoming events in their lives that they have mentioned on previous visits
  • The systems that make the office run smoothly and efficiently between shifts
They all found it very amazing to see the patients and how happy they were just to be in the office. Do you have any of these same systems in place?
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We have all been busy here at the Cash Practice offices! We have a nice new home for our blog and I’ve been preoccupied notifying the winners of the Cash Practice Excellence in Service Awards of their achievements. Congratulations to all of the winners and we thank you for your dedication to Chiropractic.

If you missed the interviews with some of the winners from last quarter, you can find them here:

Dr. Milton O’Brien, winner of the Most People on Care Plans

Dr. Christopher Zaino, winner of the Highest Collections

For tips on getting a better placement on the list, be sure to check out our Cash Practice® Tips












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A Look Inside the Cash Practice® Bonuses

Many people don’t realize that every membership comes with some awesome added bonus materials and tools. Here is a look inside each of them to help you utilize everything included in your account!

Every single paid membership includes:

  • The Staff Bonus Calculator™ & Payroll Report Generator™: This tool let’s you easily calculate bonuses for your staff based on their performance and success of the office. You can read up on it by clicking the link above.
  • Super CA Daily Checklist™: This is a 100% customizable checklist that I use in Dr. Miles Bodzin’s Chiropractic office to this day! It makes sure every shift of CA’s knows exactly what they are supposed to do to help your front desk run flawlessly.
  • Over 10 hours of pre-recorded Tele-Classes: These amazing tele-classes are also available for purchase to listen to them on your iPod. These are recordings done with Dr. Miles Bodzin, CEO of Cash Practice® Systems. Topics include: How To Run A Low Stress Cash Practice, How to Sign Up Even The Most Skeptical Patient, How To Keep Patients From Dropping Out of Care When the Insurance Stops, The Five Secrets to Creating Super Successful Cash Plans, The Simple Secrets to Creating Cash Plans That Make Patients Say Yes, The Secret to Generating Tons of New Patients With Massage Therapy.
For Gold and Platinum Members, Membership also includes:
  • Auto-Debit Announcement Letter: This is a customizable Word document that announces the start of the new automatic payment policy in your office.
  • EZ-Pay Authorization: This is another document that you can customize and give to your patients. It is allowing you to keep your patients’ signatures on file so that you do not have to print out a receipt and have them sign it every time they purchase something in your office. See more information on Going Green With Cash Practice.
    The second page of this document is a form that the patient signs giving you permission to charge their account on file in the event that they have a remaining balance on their account.
  • New Patient Script: This goes over everything from the consultation, exam and report of findings. Not only is it a script of what to say during these appointments, it also gives tips on creating treatment plans and presenting them to the patient.
  • Auto-Debit Objection Script: Sometimes there are those patients that are skeptical to have their billing information be kept on file. This document gives tips and scripts on what to say to make the client feel more comfortable with your new policy. There are also tips on what to say if a card declines.
  • Important Research: There’s tons of research on Chiropractic out there. We have compiled a list of some amazing research that you can give to your clients or just use as references.
  • Mini-Course Articles: Topics include-
    • Are Your Fees Too Low?
    • Why Have A Cash Practice?
    • Balance Your Stats For Profitability
    • Stopping Patient Drop-Out When the Insurance Ends
    • Patient Drip-Education®
    • Scheduling Is The Key To Freedom
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Back to work!

Well, I’m back from Italy! Since posting I traveled to Rome and saw the amazing sites there. I didn’t have internet access so the pictures will come! After about 18 hours of traveling I made it to my house at 4 am on Thursday morning.

I slept in nice and late and stopped at the Cash Practice® office for my adjustment from Dr. Miles Bodzin. Boy was that necessary! It was also great seeing my coworkers. They helped me out so much by picking up my extra slack to make sure that I could go on this awesome trip. Holly saw how tired I was looking and said that we could have pajama day in the office on Friday in my honor!

Here are some pictures from today:

Me in my onesie pajamas (complete with hood and booties) and my souvenir for the girls of the office

Our weekly Friday morning meetings with Alissa! She lives in Oklahoma so we love to see her through the video

Getting ready for the meeting!

Some of the girls all cozy for pajama day!

Casual Friday!

It was a great day back at the office! Our Friday morning meetings always get everyone excited for the future of and Chiropractic so stay tuned for the awesome things to come!

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Updates from Italy

So since my last post I have been very busy. Class studies have gotten much more in depth in the mediation and communication processes. It’s actually very interesting stuff! Of course I miss everyone in the Cash Practice offices. They are all sooo amazing for taking care of my things for me while I’m gone on the adventure of a lifetime.

We also traveled to Venice and San Marino. These two places have probably been my so far.

Cash Practice Cari in front of the church in Venice

After our Gondola ride


As you can see from the umbrella in the picture, it started to rain on us! But this is the Realto Bridge

Just a cool building but we got EXTREMELY lost in the winding streets of Venice looking for this!

On our way to San Marino, this is the view from the top! Yet another rainy, bad hair day

Me and Cari after we left the first castle, on to the next one!

Standing on the edge of the top tower (sorry Mom) of one castle with the second castle in the background

Just another gorgeous view

Standing over a well…that went STRAIGHT DOWN!

Came back to Rimini after this and had an AMAZING meal, great company and the best gelato ever!

This was taken tonight. Had a productive day in class and a nice relaxing beach day with more gelato, dinner, and then more gelato. I found this for Holly Jensen. Sorry Holly it weighs too much for me to bring home!

P.S. If anyone knows of a chiropractic in Rimini, I would LOVE some information and a visit!

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